BOO! Disneyland’s Happiest Haunts Tour – Top 5 Reasons to Partake!

When the crypt doors creak and the tombstones quake, spooks come out for a swinging wake, especially during Halloweentime at Disneyland! We found this out first hand recently when we embarked on the Happiest Haunts tour, a seasonal offering that promises *not* to be your typical Disneyland Parks tour.  Yes, it will cost you a few extra Disney Dollars to partake, but here’s 5 reasons to experience this spooktakular tour!

  1. Sassy Tour Guide! Our tour guide, Joanna, was not your average Disney Plaid Host. Outfitted in a blue camp-shirt and really-high-waisted khakis, she was a spunky, sassy character, and could easily have been mistaken for the little sister of SNL’s Mary-Catherine Gallagher (superstar!). Throughout the tour, our hostess shared lore and legends about Halloween and some of its most notorious characters.The curious looks from other guests as we traversed the Parks behind Joanna’s boisterous, child-like antics was worth the price of admission alone!
  2. You’re on a Mission!  That’s right, Joanna and her troop of eager ghost-seeking guests are not only touring the Parks but are in search of Aladdin’s magic lamp, which has been stolen by the Disney Villains (booo wah ha ha ha haaa!).  It’s up to the tour guests to save the Happiest Place on Earth from Villainy!
  3. Tasty treats! I don’t want to give too much away, I’ll just say that guests are treated not once, but twice to delicious Disney desserts during the 3.5 hour Happiest Haunts tour.
  4. Faster than FASTPASS! Yes that’s right, guests on this tour go straight to the front of the line on six E-ticket attractions at Disneyland Resort as they hunt for Aladdin’s lamp. (We even got our very own private library and elevator on the Tower of Terror!)
  5. Gracey Manor! Speaking of attractions, this tour certainly wouldn’t be complete without a journey in a doom buggy through the stately Gracey Manor. Find out what happens to the Haunted Mansion’s resident spirits while Jack Skellington takes over for the holidays…and watch out for hitchhiking ghosts in top hats and capes who join you and may try to sabotage your quest for the magic lamp. (Hint his first name starts with “Master” and his last name starts with “Gracey”…)

Before we went on the tour I wondered if this it would be too “kid-centric” – and though kids would definitely enjoy it, there were none in our 10-person tour group and we all had a blast (note to parents who do bring your kids along, residents of Gracey Manor made it quite clear to us that they don’t take too kindly to children…). If you’ve got a good sense of humor and want to experience Disneyland with a Halloween twist, this tour won’t disappoint you.

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